Spider Webs on CCTV cameras



With new CCTV cameras having the detection method based on the camera images, it has never been more important to ensure the cleanliness and clarity of your own CCTV images.

Doyle security can only react to what is seen on cameras and if there is something on your cameras obstructing a view, then this leaves room for incidents being missed.

This starts off with the obvious, things left in front of the camera obstructing the view, but for monitoring purposes, spiders webs can cause a huge problem if not kept in check. Another problem with spider webs is that generally, you cannot see them during the daytime and by the time the night arrives, there is no one around to clean said cameras.

For example, the below image is of a camera of our own during the day.




You cannot see it, but there is a spider web there. The next image is the exact same camera at night.

No further information is needed, these images speak for themselves. Our Control Room team within the monitoring station cannot see enough to be able to confidently react to what is on the screen.

In addition to this however, HD cameras using analytics will translate that moving spider web as “an activation” within its detection zones. This can cause serious issues with false alarms and can lead to camera alarms being suspended, which is something we never like to do.

It is very important for customers to do some self-maintenance of their CCTV systems. In particular, relating to cleaning. Most customers, if they saw a container or van parked directly in front of a camera restricting its view, would want this moving to ensure the system can work to its best parameters, spiders and spider webs should be treated the same way.

The best tool on the market to combat this is a spray called Spider EX. Spider EX was specifically created for this function and can be obtained from Amazon or general retailers with pest control items. It works by leaving an odourless film over the area sprayed around the camera (not on the camera lens) which will initially kill spiders, wasps, ants, silverfish and other insects, however it also prevents others from utilising this area for nests or webs. Image below: It usually lasts for up to 6 months.

If you need any further information or advice please do not hesitate to contact us on 01226 298492 or operations@doylesecurity.co.uk