SIA – Keep Talking


For those old enough to remember, Pink Floyd wrote a song using the late (and great) Professor Stephen Hawking entitled “Keep Talking”. The song appealed to my taste in music but more than that, the lyrics really resonated with me.

So what has this got to do with security?

Well, having attended the SIA Stakeholder Conference I was taken aback by the relatively low number of companies who supported this event. On the positive side I was really impressed by everyone at the SIA both in terms of organisation and their willingness to listen and learn from those present.

It is very easy to be critical and there is an argument to say that the SIA have not always appeared to be supportive of the industry they regulate, but this is not the case today. Quite the reverse in fact as there was a level of openness and honesty that I found both refreshing and surprising as prior to the event, my view and experience was best described as negative.

I went to the conference because I think it is better to talk and if you maintain dialogue there is always hope. Speaking to other delegates their experience mirrored mine and we all took a lot out of the day.

Only this morning I was speaking to a former colleague (and friend) who has maintained his negative attitude to our regulator and fobbed off the event I derived so much benefit from as “just another talking shop”.

This is a shame as we work in an industry where communication is key but we do not appear to act on what we preach. Why so few companies (relative) supported the event is a question no one can accurately answer, but the failure to engage does weaken us as an industry.

May I urge all my colleagues involved in licensable activities to attend next years event and for those working for the major players, please come along and make a major contribution.

As Stephen Hawking said “It doesn’t have to be like this. All we need to do is make sure we keep talking”.