Real People

In 2018 we have made a conscious decision to be as transparent as we can with our clients both new and existing. In order to do this we have spent the last six months developing our new website and also a range of video case studies involving existing customers. This along with our company video show us in the real environment of our own Head Office.

Before you ask, no we don’t use actors !! What you see are real employees doing their every day to day roles. We welcome anyone to visit our Head Office and Operations Control Room any time night or day

I would urge anyone who is thinking of using a security company or any service provider to look beyond the fancy claims and library photo’s on their website. Ask to see evidence of what they are claiming, if they are genuine they will only be too happy to accommodate, if not look elsewhere. Only today I saw evidence of one security company claiming they had a “fleet” of vehicles and yet their website shows only one car, when I asked why they didn’t have photo’s of the fleet on the website they tried the old “smoke and mirrors” excuse that they hadn’t thought of it and yet they use social media every day… very strange.

So this year as well as promoting best practice within the security industry and giving a pat on the back to the great security providers out there, I’m also calling out and exposing all the frauds who bring our great industry into disrepute by making false and misleading claims in order to win business.

I sincerely hope that all the genuine security companies, and the great, hardworking people who work within them will join me in trying to make our industry a little better for us all.