Rapid Deployment Towers

Rapid Deployment Towers or Rapid Deployment Units (RDU's) are a quick and efficient way to deploy a CCTV and/or detection system.  Modules to control access and fire detection systems can be added, along with lone worker protection and temporary 4G communications.

Offering the flexibility of different power units RDU's are able to work along side a generator using their own internal battery back for periods when the generator is switched off (for example weekends).  For applications where power be it temporary or permanent is not available each unit is capable of housing its own fuel cell allowing it to be used in the most remote locations and in the process saving £££'s on the use of generators and diesel.

Such is the flexibility of RDU's that the final configuration has few limits and with installation and commissioning being quick to effect, short term requirements are easily catered for.

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