Happy “Guarding” Christmas

As we approach the festive season we are once again seeing an increase in crime rates and with it demands for our services. There are many colleagues on LinkedIn who have made some solid recommendations on security improvements and its up to the reader whether they choose to act on them.

For my part, I have begun telling customers that the quotation and advice I gave them in April for CCTV will not be installed before Christmas. Every year without exception I have to be the harbinger of bad news which is not ideal as I really do try very hard to make the impossible work.

That said, I attended a meeting last Thursday where the customer was very disparaging about their current manned guarding security provider and wanted to kick them into the long grass. Putting to one side the obvious complications of employment law and TUPE, the question I wanted to ask was “what had they done wrong”?

Without going into the details, we have a site where the officers work 16 hour Shifts (Monday to Thursday), effectively working around the clients normal working hours. The security officers are expected to be alert and vigilant at all times and “if” they have a break, to make sure they are in a position to act immediately to any event that may occur.

My question is, does the problem lie with the officers willing to work such shifts, the security company willing to take these shifts on or the client who demands them?

As Christmas approaches I wish all my colleagues both here at Doyle Security and at other competitor companies the very best wishes for the festive season. My new years wish will be the same as last year and that is for customers to appreciate that security officers need a break, decent rest facilities and an acceptable work/life balance.  Above all else they want to be appreciated and not vilified when they make arrests or apprehend people whose sole intention (at the time of apprehension) is to inflict as much damage as possible to the security officer before effecting their escape.

The good news is that the customer who wants the CCTV will have a temporary system in place to cover them for the Christmas period and the potential guarding client has accepted our observations and is currently discussed with us a reduction in hours against moving to full 24 hour security.

We aim to please and in that we have much in common with Santa!