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SIA – Keep Talking

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  For those old enough to remember, Pink Floyd wrote a song using the late (and great) Professor Stephen Hawking entitled “Keep Talking”. The song appealed to my taste in music but more than that, the lyrics really resonated with me. So what has this got to do with security? Well, having attended the SIA […]

“What makes you different”

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“What makes you different” is a question asked by most potential customers and the answer is not always clear. One of the major benefits from Licensing has been the removal of the criminal element from our ranks. This and enforcement of basic training means that all staff have the same base skills and vetting which […]

A Basic Guide to CCTV – Frequently Asked Questions

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There is a lot of mystique about security and security systems which is unhelpful if you are in the business of either buying or managing one. This guide will hopefully explode some of the myths that abound, delivering some clarity. What is the difference between a Video Server, an NVR and a DVR? A network […]

Doyle Security Joins Forces with Compound Security Specialists

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Doyle Security are delighted to announce that they have been appointed the Northern Distributors and Installers for the extensive and ‘Secured by Design’ accredited equipment manufactured by Compound Security. Compound Security are commonly known for their Mosquito anti-loitering device which is used by companies, councils and Police Forces up and down the country. They have […]